The figures in my Unravelling charcoal drawings and wire sculptures represent women under stress and the different responses women have to severe pressure.  They are all fighting the strains imposed on them with varying degrees of success.

This work aims to show that resilience is a necessity for us and our families.  It is a bedrock inner strength which we need to sustain us through the personal, family and economic changes we face at various times in our lives.  Women the world over often exercise this resilience without fuss, fanfare or a sense that it would be any other way.

Most of the women in my Unravelling drawings are wresting some control, gradually unwinding the pressure and freeing themselves from the binding tension.  Sadly, some women are unable to maintain the fight.  They are slowly unravelling and, ultimately, falling apart.

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  • Unravelling 1

    Unravelling 1

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    Unravelling 2

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    Unravelling 3

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    Unravelling 4

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    Unravelling 5

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    Unravelling 6

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    Unravelling 7

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    Unravelling 8

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    Unravelling 9

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    Unravelling 10

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    Unravelling 11

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